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Celtic Mythology

Explore the captivating world of Celtic mythology and delve into the rich and complex beliefs, rituals, and folklore of the ancient Celtic peoples. Discover the gods and goddesses worshipped by the Celts. Follow the heroic journeys of legendary figures and encounter the mythical beasts and creatures that inhabit the Celtic imagination. Whether you are a mythology enthusiast or simply curious about the world of the Celts, this website offers a wealth of fascinating stories to explore.

The Puka in front of a pub, illustration

The Púca

Have you ever heard of the mysterious and mischievous shapeshifters from Irish folklore? Meet the Puca (also known as pooka, puka, or phouka), creatures from


The Legend of the Banshee

A Banshee is a supernatural entity known as a Sidhe, who appears throughout Irish legends and folklore. Her wailing, sorrow-filled cry is said to be

The Legend Of Cu Chulainn - Meet The Myths

The Legend Of Cu Chulainn

The legend of a young warrior known as Cu Chulainn is one of the greatest tales of Irish mythology. Cu Chulainn was a demi-god born